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Meatballs made with mammoth DNA created by food startup

Tue, 28 Mar 2023 13:33:47 GMT

Woolly mammoth remains, with fur and tissue still in tact, are regularly found entombed in Arctic permafrost. Their discovery has allowed scientists to sequence the mammoth genome and learn intriguing details about the lives of these extinct Ice Age giants.

Four California sea otters died from an unusual strain of a parasite that could pose a risk to humans

Renee Martray of South Carolina has severe and permanent corneal scarring resulting in vision loss. She says it's like trying to peer through eyeglasses that have been dipped in oil.

California bill aims to ban sale of popular candies containing ingredients that may cause health issues

Everyone benefits when there is less air pollution, but it pays off more for older communities with high poverty rates and those where larger populations of Black people live, regardless of income, a new study finds.

What one millennial with phone anxiety did when she stopped texting to stay connected

Tue, 28 Mar 2023 14:46:03 GMT

Some of my earliest memories from growing up in the late 1980s were of my mom spending hours on the phone with my grandmother, my aunt and her best friends.

Experimental therapy gantenerumab fails to slow or improve Alzheimer's memory loss in clinical trials

Mon, 14 Nov 2022 19:41:28 GMT

An experimental treatment, gantenerumab, failed to help people at high risk of memory loss from Alzheimer's or those who were in the early phases of the disease, the manufacturer said Monday.

Stunning lineup of planets will decorate the night sky

Tue, 28 Mar 2023 17:57:38 GMT

Night sky lovers can typically spot a smattering of a few planets, but in late March, a stunning visual takes shape when five planets line up beneath the moon in a display sometimes called a planetary parade or alignment.

Coffee drinkers get more steps but also less sleep, study finds

You should store your pantry ingredients in containers, says food writer Casey Barber. She explains why she does it and why decanting ingredients from their bags and other packaging into containers is a smart move.

Government to step up efforts to monitor health of East Palestine residents, first responders

Coffee has differing effects on physical activity levels, sleep and heart rhythms, according to a study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

US gets D+ grade for rising preterm birth rates, new report finds

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 13:00:31 GMT

The rate of premature birth in the United States is climbing, according to the infant and maternal health nonprofit March of Dimes.

'Equal opportunity to be healthy': Stricter air pollution standards would benefit some populations more than others, study says

Nikki Lawson received the shock of her life at age 35.

Covid-19 boosters could keep thousands of kids out of hospitals, but uptake remains low

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 05:01:32 GMT

Higher Covid-19 vaccination rates among US children could prevent thousands of pediatric hospitalizations and millions of missed school days, according to an analysis published Tuesday by the Commonwealth Fund and the Yale School of Public Health.

Glass beads on the moon may contain a precious resource

Mon, 27 Mar 2023 20:51:05 GMT

Trillions of pounds of water may be strewn across the moon, trapped in tiny glass beads that could have formed when asteroids struck the lunar surface, according to a new study.

Alzheimer's first signs may appear in your eyes, study finds

What one millennial with phone anxiety did when she stopped texting to stay connected

Almost two months after a train carrying hazardous materials derailed in the town of East Palestine, Ohio, the state Department of Health is preparing to offer blood and urine testing and physical exams to first responders who rushed to fight the blaze.

'Everything has changed': Users of recalled eye drops describe permanent vision problems after infections

Finding early signs of dementia in the back of the eye may be a way to catch the disease early and start preventive treatment, a study says.

RSV hospitalization rate for seniors is 10 times higher than usual for this point in the season

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 12:11:40 GMT

The respiratory virus season has started early in kids this year and flooded children's hospitals in many parts of the country -- especially with respiratory syncytial virus, known as RSV.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The damage to the human body caused by firearms

Eating disorders are often surrounded by shame, stigma and misunderstanding. Emily Boring, a writer who is in recovery for an eating disorder, answers questions to share what she wants people to know about eating disorders.

FDA sketches out plan to bolster fragile US infant formula supply management

With guns front and center in the news, I wanted to share what I have learned over the years about what bullets do to the human body and the challenge it is for surgeons to repair the damage.

Scientists have decoded the recipe for Cleopatra's perfume

Mon, 27 Mar 2023 08:25:32 GMT

Smells hover just below our conscious awareness, conjuring up emotions and memories that shape how we perceive and navigate the world.

Let your pantry work for you with these easy kitchen organization tweaks

A California bill seeks to ban the sale of foods with red dye No. 3 and other ingredients linked to cancer and other health issues.

What someone with an eating disorder wishes you knew

Previous studies have shown that having close social relationships is important for a long healthy life, but new research has found just how intertwined the two are.

The best coupons at CVS Pharmacy

The biotech company BTNX says it is shipping out new test strips this week that detect the presence of xylazine, an animal sedative that officials say is increasingly being mixed with fentanyl. As with fentanyl test strips, these pieces of paper have a reagent that can help users detect whether a drug has any xylaxine in it.

Your guide to finding the right Theragun massage gun for you

Tue, 01 Dec 2020 19:25:05 GMT

The increasing popularity of stylish, trendy athletic wear has made über-comfortable clothing something that's not just for the gym. It's infiltrated all corners of culture, from high fashion runways to the offices of Silicon Valley executives — and really, it's appropriate for any occasion when you just want to be comfortable.

8 activewear brands you should add to your workout wardrobe

Wed, 13 Jan 2021 19:55:24 GMT

The US Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday its initial strategy to boost and strengthen the management of the country's supply of infant formula.

Colorectal cancer is rising among younger adults and scientists are racing to uncover why

Xylazine test strips available to help users check for animal sedative in drugs

Some of my earliest memories from growing up in the late 1980s were of my mom spending hours on the phone with my grandmother, my aunt and her best friends.

Strong, steady friendships may be an asset to your physiological health, study shows

Meat, eggs and dairy account for 75% of our food's carbon footprint in the US. So, vegan milks can be a sustainable substitute. Leaders of one major coffee chain believe in the taste, foam-i-ness and earth-saving benefits of oat milk so much, they've made it the default milk in their coffee drinks. But how does oat milk's sustainability and nutritive value stack up?

Desperate for heart surgery for their baby, a family feels the effects of pediatric hospital shortages

Sun, 13 Nov 2022 08:07:04 GMT

Even before their daughter was born in June, Aaron and Helen Chavez knew she would need heart surgery. Doctors expected her to have an operation around 6 months of age.

Four sea otters in California have died from a rare strain of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite that scientists said could pose a risk to human health.