Where have all the Black models gone? - a supermodel analyzes racist factors in several industries that impact jobs in the fashion modeling industry - Industry Overview - Cover Story

n the fall of 1994, I shared the cover of YSB with Black male model Clayton Hunter and with Roshumba, who had been featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue three years in a row.


Fashion Magazines for Real Women - Again

As always, Fashion Week in New York was filled with the usual array of beanpoles-draped-with-designer-duds - to the glowing approval of fashionistas. And high-fashion mags like Vogue.


The 20 women who will decide this election

These are the 20 most politically influential women in the British media today. What do we mean by influence? When deciding the rankings, we kept coming back to the idea of political clout.


Fashion bashin': Vice magazine's take-no prisoners fashion guide is universally offensive and very funny

Is your outfit gay? Not gay as in "homosexual," mind you, but gay as in "stupid." It's the preferred definition among countless middle school students, after all.


Sporting Women: Trying to distinguish itself from big brother SI, Sports Illustrated Women is punchier, but the denser design creates confusion and clutter rather than clarity - Face Lift - magazine product information - Brief Article SI for Women has struggled since its inception with the same problem--how to ride the coattails of mega-brand Sports Illustrated while presenting an entirely new and different magazine. The original logo had the look of a supplement, retaining a large SI logo, while adding "For Women" underneath.


Sex & Love

From girls

From girls into women: scripts for sexuality and romance in Seventeen magazine, 1974-1994In this article, I examine how young women's sexual subjectivity has been depicted and shaped over two decades in Seventeen.

All for him

All for him: articles about sex in American lad magazinesIn May of 2003, Wal-Mart elected to cease the sale of three popular magazines--Maxim, Stuff, and FHM.

Playing with race

Playing with race: on the edge of edgy sex, racial BDSM excites some and reviles othersMollena Williams is gregarious, the kind of woman who makes a point of saying, "How are you today?" to the Walgreens cashier.

Total Sex

Total Sex: stimulating and educational samples from our new book - of course - comments on the book 'Total Sex: Men's Fitness Magazine's Complete Guide to Everything Men Need to Know and Want to Know About Sex' - Cover StoryThe weak of heart, the hypersensitive and the politically correct should not read this real-world-oriented section.

Psychosexual correlates

Psychosexual correlates of viewing sexually explicit sex on television among women in the NetherlandsDuring the last decade, the amount of sexually explicit programs on both public and commercial Dutch television has increased enormously.