9,877 women want you: we asked readers of Shape magazine's Web site what exactly they find so appealing about a fit man.

9,877 women want you: we asked readers of Shape magazine's Web site what exactly they find so appealing about a fit man.* Jessica, 32 It's just the way he stands and holds himself--a fit man knows he can take on the world. * Sue, 24 A strong, fit man makes a woman feel more feminine. * Lindsey, 30 Even the smallest movements--like holding a glass--make his forearm muscles twitch with definition. * Christina, 25 A fit man can lift you into positions that Mr. Unfit can only imagine! * Cat, 29 When a man works out, I know he has dedication. * Molly, 29 They have more stamina in bed, and they're so damn good to look at naked. * Carrie, 34 A fit man can tuck his shirt in and not have that nasty tire hanging over. * Nicole, 29 A "fit" man is a "smart" man. He cares enough to be healthy. * Lila, 23 Fitness says something about a man--he is capable of patiently working toward a goal, even if it requires sacrificing some momentary impulses on the way. * Sophie, 31 I love the feel of well-defined muscles on a man. When a strong, fit body holds me, I feel safe and protected. * Tedra, 31 If he's got great legs and shoulders, a flat tum, and a gorgeous bum, we all notice. * Jessi-Rae, 33 The ability to carry my bags without wheezing. * Emily, 26 There's nothing better than having my hands on a strong chest while we're dancing. * Liz, 24 Even if he isn't The Hulk, the sexiest thing about a fit man is watching him exercise. * Emily, 27 They're the ones that can carry you into the bedroom or fix that broken cupboard for you. * Bri, 24 Men who are in good shape seem to have more energy in all areas of life. They're more enthusiastic about going out, getting outside, hanging out with friends, having sex--just about everything. * Pam, 27 A fit man just sort of glows. * Amber, 31 You know that if a guy's fit, he can take care of himself. And if a guy can take care of himself, then he should be able to take care of me. * Miki, 27 Dating a fit man makes my girlfriends jealous--no one wants to be with the runt of the litter. * Christy, 25 Men who are in shape tend to be more positive and smile a lot more than those who feel badly about their body. * Cherrie, 28 I look for a well-rounded man--not a round man. * Shannon, 24 Nice biceps can make even a cheap T-shirt look awesome! * Jess, 26 No one likes pretty boys--manly and muscular is always better. * Rachael, 25 I love the smell of sweat after his workout. * Celia, 24 I find a muscular back very sexy on a man. I do love a muscular lower body, too--don't get me wrong--but overall, the upper body is what is sexiest about a man. * Lorrie-Anne, 25 I love the way their pants hang around their hips so you can see the bottom of their six-pack peeking through. * Andrea, 22 What isn't sexy about a fit man? * Mae, 28 When my man holds me close as we walk down the street, I can almost feel his muscles rippling beside me, and I know that every woman in the area is noticing his sexy swagger. * Young, 32 Women are lying if they tell you that a beer gut is cute. * Michelle, 29 A fit man is spontaneous and quick. * Amber-Lynn, 27 A fit man brings out the hormonally driven cave woman in us all. Ya gotta love nature. * Kalle, 25 Nothing is more of a turnoff than stick legs on a man. * Kristen, 30 He doesn't spend every waking moment in front of the boob tube. * Kendal, 31 I want a man who can keep up. If I want to go climb Mt. Everest, I want a man that can do it with me. * Michelle, 29 If he can pick me up with ease, that's sexy. I weigh 140, so it's not a superhuman challenge, but picking me up makes me think of all sorts of fun activities. * Irene, 32 When I see a fit man biking or surfing, think two things: He's a go-getter and he knows how to have a good time. * Paola, 28 He motivates me--both in the gym and out in the world.

Survey Says ...

Which part of your body
they are most attracted to:

Chest + Shoulders 38%
Arms 18%
Hands 18%
Midsection 18%
Butt 9%

Notes: Table made from bar graph.

... and what underwear
should guys wear?

Boxer Briefs 38%
Boxers 18%
Briefs 18%
None 18%
Bikini 9%

Notes: Table made from bar graph.

... and chest hair?

"I Wish It Weren't There" 40%
Undecided 25%
Think It's Sexy 19%
Find It Repulsive 16%

Notes: Table made from bar graph.