A Diabetic Vegetarian Or Do You Have Stomachs

Someone told you that you could cure diabetes by becoming a vegetarian. So, do you really think you have the body of an Herbivore? Giraffes, Cows, Water Buffalo, American Bison, Goats, Big Horned Sheep, llamas, Antelopes, you get the idea. Mother Nature equipped these plant-eating, real vegetarians with one stomach but, with 4 distinct chambers.

(Camels and some other ruminants have three Stomachs.) The answer is always balance. Well, we just might be "near-vegetarians.

" The East Indian Culture has struck a healthy compromise here. Let's ask "Mother Nature," and look at HER book on "What worked for Primitive People." Animal protein was hard to catch, but it was in the diet. Let's talk about that. Earlier in the 20th century, when there were primitive tribes of people, living closer to nature they were more likely to be near-vegetarians. They generally had to be, because without modern technology, it was difficult to have meat much of the time.

If it is true that high fat and high cholesterol diets cause degenerative diseases like diabetes and clearly heart disease, then we should expect to have seen very little heart disease in all those early primitive countries that had low fat/ low cholesterol diets. And that is exactly what we did find. On the other hand, it is an accident of civilization that the more advanced a culture is, the more fat and cholesterol its people tend to eat.

Advanced countries have more animal meat to eat, and even worse, the animal meat in advanced countries contains far more fat than wild animal meat. What researchers found. In 25 cultures examined in which the people had low fat and low cholesterol diets, no example of a high incidence of heart disease was found. It should be pointed out that these primitive people often had very little fat and cholesterol in their diets compared to us. While our diet is around 42 percent fat, theirs was often less than 10 percent fat.

That is quite a difference. A diet with that little fat is practically unheard of in this country, and it is quite difficult to obtain such a meal in any restaurant. Let us consider a couple of the primitive peoples that have been studied. Practically the entire lower half of Africa used to be populated by a race of people known as the Bantu. The Bantus give us an ideal group of people to study because their diet was a primitive low fat/low cholesterol one, and there were so many Bantus to study: more than 50 million of these fine healthy people.

As you might expect from what has already been stated, heart disease is almost nonexistent among Bantus. In the light of what is now known, the low-fat diet emerges as significant component of a healthy diet by which one can work to prevent and control the complex of degenerative diseases like heart disease and diabetes, in most cases. Clearly in a culture of such highly "Processed Foods," supplements are almost essential for good health. Complex Carbohydrates Focusing on a diabetic diet, a "near-vegetarian" diet might be a great place to start, but a diabetic diet is still a more complex issue. The greater secret in a diabetic diet seems to be in the management of your intake of only Complex Carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates.

But that is another subject. For more information on diabetic diets and defeating diabetes, please click the link below and search for Diabetic Diets:.

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