Images of women in general interest and fashion magazine advertisements from 1955 to 2002

Every day people are bombarded by visual advertisements that encourage them to buy particular products or services. However, these images also act as socializing agents that influence our attitudes.


9,877 women want you: we asked readers of Shape magazine's Web site what exactly they find so appealing about a fit man.

* Jessica, 32 It's just the way he stands and holds himself--a fit man knows he can take on the world. * Sue, 24 A strong, fit man makes a woman feel more feminine. * Lindsey, 30 Even the smallest movements--like holding a glass.


Images of women's sexuality in advertisements: a content analysis of Black- and White-oriented women's and men's magazines

The average person in the United States is exposed to over 3,000 advertisements per day (Kilbourne & Jhally, 2000); these permeate our society through such media as television, magazines, billboards, and internet banners.


Speak to us, Jennifer: cover-girl semiotics is big business and can make or break a magazine. But what are the stars' images saying—and to whom?

What does Jennifer Aniston say to you? If the most detail you can summon up is "choppy hair, Friends, Brad Pitt", you're probably not a member of the magazine-buying public. Aniston is cover-girl magic; put her on the front of your title.


Chinese women's magazine renews controversy with naked man meal A women's magazine in southwestern China has shot tapes of a two-hour feast served on a naked man's body in response to a flap last year over a Japanese restaurant in China that served sushi on women's bodies, the event organizer said Monday.


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From girls into women: scripts for sexuality and romance in Seventeen magazine, 1974-1994In this article, I examine how young women's sexual subjectivity has been depicted and shaped over two decades in Seventeen.

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