Alopecia Stress What can you do to prevent it

Alopecia, what's that? Alopecia defines when a person loses their hair or any hair from any of the areas on their body which would normal be covered with hair. Alopecia usually affects the scalp area and people can be either partially or fully bald as a result. People of all ages suffer from alopecia; usually it affects about 1% of the population. Alopecia Comes in Many Forms.

Alopecia can affect people in many ways. Below I have listed just some of these alopecia types: Alopecia Areata - patchy hair loss on the body. Alopecia Universalis - loss of hair all over the body Alopecia Totalis - hair loss on the head.

Alopecia Barbae - facial hair loss such as the beard (affects men). There are other forms of alopecia which I won't go into now. In what ways does Stress Cause Alopecia? Usually in a healthy individual, hair loss from 30 to 200 strands of hair per day is normal. There are however many factors which can cause this number to increase. Stress is the main factor although there are others.

Both emotional stress and physical stress can be a cause of alopecia. Stress related alopecia can be caused from anything from losing a family member to overdoing a training regime. Stress related alopecia is simply your body's way of coping with the stress. Your body shuts down the production of hair while it is busy coping with the stress. The Cycle: Alopecia Stress - Stress Alopecia. Stress and alopecia is a cycle which can be hard to break.

Firstly you get stressed which causes the alopecia to rear its bald head, then you begin to get more stressed because of the alopecia and then the alopecia just gets worse. This cycle causes you to lose more hair and get more stressed and the cycle continues. Stress and Alopecia - Is there a Solution? How can you manage the alopecia and the stress? The first thing you need to do is to realize you are not alone. There are thousands of individuals all over the world who have the same issue.

Also there are excellent cures for alopecia available. If you use these cures every day you will get your hair back. However it can often take time for this to happen.

Be patient and use the correct treatment and it will happen. It's also very important that you look at treating the stress which caused the alopecia in the first place as this may not go away on its own.

So should you treat the alopecia or the stress? Are you confused about which to do? Discover which solution is best for you.

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