Are You Going On Holiday

Did you know that Food & Waterborne Disease is the World's Biggest Killer. I am sorry to put a dampener on your "High Spirits" but you cannot be blase about your health and in particular your children's good health. Don't shoot the messenger bearing the Bad News, please ! Children's immune systems are not fully developed and are thus very susceptible to attack from killer bacteria and viruses especially when on holiday in hot Third World Holiday Destinations. The World Health Organization states that each year over 3.4 million people die because of contaminated food and water.

This of course makes it the Biggest Killer on the Planet and very tragically, the majority of the deaths are of Young Children caused by illnesses from myriads of organisms that flourish in the contamination. The infections from bad hygeine and unclean Water Supply, originate from Raw Sewage which then finds it's way into the stomachs of the unwary. Hopefully you are sitting up and taking notice of this, if you are planning to go abroad to hot climes and underdeveloped nations. Infected Food and Water kill more people worldwide than War, Terrorism and WMD's. Four Thousand Children die each Day from Dirty Water alone, and apparently nearly half the people in the Third World have no access whatsoever to clean Drinking Water.

So what do you deduce from the previous paragraph ?? Well since we are considering Known Statistics, then it must clearly follow that many of those very same people are the ones supplying you and your Vulnerable Family with Food and Water to consume at your Leisure ! The Immune Systems of many people living in the Third World may well be slighlty more tolerant to certain resident bacteria and viruses than Incoming Visitors to their Lands. But this is of no solace to you if you or your Beloved Ones, whom you are meant to nurture and continually protect from all of Life's many hazards, are struck down with Fever or something much much worse. You can never be too careful when it comes to the health of your Loved Ones, as well as taking into consideration that the "Little Uns" cannot look after themselves when they are endangered and also the fact that Health Care in the vast majority of foreign countries leaves a great deal to be desired. So - What must you do ? When you get there, do not even think of drinking anything except Bottled Water from a Reputable Supplier and ensure that there is absolutely no chance of you running out when you are there. Even the glasses, cups, crockery etc. must be scrubbed with clean tissues before use.

The food must be freshly cooked in a busy and well established and sanitory looking Restaurant and the Food must be served "Piping Hot". BE FUSSY ABOUT WHERE YOU EAT ! Getting "Delhi Belly" is the least of your worries. Please feel free to ignore this article - if you truly find it wholly inappropriate.

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