Best Hair Loss Herbs

You may be shocked to know that some people are treating there hair loss with products other than medications. These are natural and not prescribed by a doctor so you can get them over the counter at your local drug store. Everyday, people are using and finding products that are natural to cure there hair problems. We will go over a couple of the more common hair loss herbs used to treat hair loss and other hair related issues. Please be aware that these are not medications and should be treated as such.

With these herbs there are no guarantee's on if or how well they will work for you even if you read about them working for someone else. The plus side is you should not have to worry very much about side effects from using them. All the herbs, which we are suggesting for a hair loss treatment, work in a variety of different ways.

Below we look at what some of these are and how they affect the way your hair looks and grows. 1. Chamomile - The ability of this herb to help with healthy hair growth as well as being a great stress reliever, says much about its potential.

This being the case, stress is often linked to hair loss, so if you reduce stress this should help you if that is something you suffer from. 2. Catnip or Burdock - Both of these herbs are ideal for promoting strong and healthy hair growth, which far reduces the risk of hair loss. In many cases, ideally these are in the forms of shampoo and conditioner, which can be applied directly to the hair. 3. Saw Palmetto - You will find a lot written about this particular herb.

Using this herb will help with the reduction of DHT, A normal hormone found in both men and women. If too much of this hormone is produced, it will affect the hair follicles making it easier for your hair to fall out. 4.

Green Tea - There was a study done in Japan that showed a benefit by drinking green tea. The tea helped by increasing the sex hormone binding globulin. The effects of this are that testosterone production is lowered; a major cause of hair loss in women is testosterone. Along with these hair loss herbs we have mentioned here, you will find that there are plenty of other herbs that are suggested to treat this condition.

Some of these are apple cider vinegar, sage tea, and psoralea seeds; you would apply these directly to the scalp. A few others would be ginger or liquorice extract. Remember your results will very and you will have to evaluate how well they work for you.

Visit hair loss herbs for more info on hair loss. I have found this great site dealing with hair loss, alopecia hair loss, I found this to be an excellent resource for learning more about hair loss.

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