Do I need a hair loss test

You know the scene. You've got thinning hair, and you know you're suffering from hair loss. But what on Earth can you do about it? So you desperately start browsing the internet for a way to fix it, before its too late. Don't you just wish there was an easy quick-fix solution? And then you come across a website offering. .hair loss analysis tests.

Sound familiar? "Just send some strands of your thinning hair ? and we'll tell you exactly what type of hair loss you are suffering from, and then we'll recommend hair loss products to fight it"? Of course they will. Why wouldn't they? In fact, some companies who manufacture their own hair loss products even offer to do the test for free. Wow! What a bargain! What do you think their answer will be, once they've "analyzed" your hair? How many emails do you think they write saying "I'm sorry. Extensive analysis of your thinning hair indicates that our product will not help you"? Uh, No. They will tell you that your hair loss is the exact type that their product will "cure". And without it, you've got no hope.

Now please don't get me wrong. There are some VERY valuable hair loss analysis tests. But chances, when you stumble across a hair loss test on the internet, it is not one of the good ones. More than likely, you'll come across one of the popular tests. There's a huge difference between what's popular, and what's good.

But then again, most people never manage to do anything to help their baldness problem. So how do you find the good tests? Well, there are a few different types, and you have to do your research. In the meantime ? Be wary of any company that offers you a FREE hair-loss test.

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