Glutathione Levels Indicate Your State of Health

Glutathione, pronounced gloo-ta-thigh-on and known as GSH, is the body's master antioxidant. It also functions as an antitoxin and is a major defense against illness and aging. It is produced by every cell in the body. Our glutathione level is a prime indicator of our state of health and can predict longevity. However according to research, this precious antioxidant's production begins to decline dramatically at age 20.

Dr. Robert Keller, a leading researcher on the benefits of Glutathione, suggest Glutathione supplements themselves may not be the best solution for this problem. Through clinical studies Dr. Keller found that taking even the best Glutathione supplements are not effective in reversing falling Glutathione levels. The reason is Glutathione is broken down by acid in the stomach long before it ever reaches the cells. Then even if it passes through the digestive system the molecule would still have to penetrate the cell wall.

Due to the fact that it is so large it cannot. Dr. Keller, through clinical trials, observed that each cell creates its own Glutathione. However this occurs only when the necessary components to build Glutathione molecules are available to the cells. Ingesting these smaller "components" provides the cells what is needed to produce Glutathione. Dr.

Keller found that after supplying his patients "the right components" their body's Glutathione levels increased significantly. Several benefits were observed including. 1)Dramatically Raising Energy Levels 2)Strengthening the Immune System 3)Slowing Down the Aging Process 4)Fighting Inflammation 5)Improved Athletic Performance & Recovery 6)Detoxifying of the Body Dr. Robert Keller was named one of America's "Top Physicians in 2003, 2004 and 2005 in the fields of Internal Medicine, Immunology and Hematology. Here is what the former president of the American Medical Association had to say regarding Dr.

Keller's research on Glutathione and its benefits: ".In my opinion, represents the single most important breakthrough in health that I will witness in my life time. I believe it will revolutionize, change, and transform the practice of medicine world-wide and make Dr Robert Keller more famous than Jonas Salk who created the polio vaccine."--Dr.

John C. Nelson, 159th President of the American Medical Association. Dr. Keller has served on the faculties of the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin (Marquette Univ.

) He has published more than 100 original articles in various scientific and medical journals and has been awarded several patents. Dr Keller has dedicated his life to helping critically ill. He was recognized for his many achievments and was elected to The Board of Governors of the American Academy of HIV medicine.

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