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Premature hair loss is becoming one of the growing concerns among people of all ages. Growing environmental pollution, stressful life style and unhygienic food are the main reasons of premature hair loss. In some hair loss cases, hair loss is hereditary, i.e.

fore fathers must be suffering from hair loss. Whatever may be the type of hair loss, hair loss can be treated and your natural hair growth can be brought back to your scalp. Before that let's know what hair loss is all about and some of its reasons. 90% of hair on scalp grows at a time and in a month it they grow up to one centimeter, approximately.

And in every 2-3 months gap, hair falls and new hair grows up. The rest 10% of hair on scalp remains constant or rests. So in this way the hair cycle goes on and on. Any deviation to this cycle makes your hair fall in more quantity and finally hair loss. There are several reasons that may cause hair loss; some of the reasons follow here: ? Major Surgery and Severe Illness ? Hormonal Problems (Overactive or Underactive Thyroid Gland) ? Pregnancy (Sometimes) ? Medicines o (Especially anticoagulants) o Medicines for Gout Treatment o Chemotherapy for Cancer Treatment o Vitamin-A (Too Much Consumption) ? Infections (Fungal Infection on Scalp) ? Diabetes ? Lupus Improper hair care can be one of the reasons of hair loss, too. Dandruff and lice can be one of the reasons of hair loss, because both these causes itching on scalp and thus they lead to hair loss.

Hair loss can be divided in to two types so far as the hair loss diagnosis is concerned: Temporary Hair Loss and Permanent Hair Loss. The reasons that we have discussed so far mostly cause temporary hair loss, but continuous ignoring may cause permanent baldness. So you hair care can get hair back on your scalp. Permanent hair loss is considered as "Common Baldness"; usually referred to male-pattern baldness.

There is no therapy that can treat permanent baldness, but temporary hair loss can be treated by taking right supplement, healthy diet, good sleep and stress less life style. So why not start working out these tips and I'm sure you will get your hair back on your scalp. At Beverlyhillhr.com, our main concern is to drag out patients form this traumatic situation.

We are working on our own principle. Our hair care treatments have certainly propelled all of our patients to live their life happily from ever before. We only schedule one to two patients per day, so that we can pay attention on patients individually. In the other hand we can improvise our work efficiency. At Hair Care Beverly Hills, we perform hair transplantation exclusively. For more information about this Hair care Beverly Hills, please log on to our Hair Restoration Beverly Hills.

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