Hypnosis Can Slim the Body By Slimming the Mind

Our world bases self worth on the size of the waist. For many people, the issues of weight loss are just too overplayed on television, radio and in real life to even think twice about starting a weight loss program. We learn from the multitude of interactions we have in everyday life that the smaller your body is the more you are worth to those around you.

In turn, many people choose to eat more and more, feeling a sense of euphoria from the activity of eating. It is almost as if the mind chooses to be rebellious and fight the societal judgments instead of living a healthy lifestyle and working each and every day to make a better, more healthy body.

There are very few people, when asked, who would choose to be overweight instead of being thin. The work involved in losing a substantial amount of weight can seem like the most tedious, slow task in the world.

Many turn to prescription medications or even surgery in order to lose the weight that can harbour health and eventually cause death. But, what if weight loss was easier than you ever thought possible? Hypnosis can help to relieve the need for food and return the mind to the state it was born to live in, a state of survival and health.

Baby Steps to Greater Weight Loss

When babies are born, they have an innate understanding of food and food portions. Their minds tell them when they are hungry, and thus need food to continue functioning, and when they are full. It is later in life, when food begins to taste better and additives like sugar, butter, ketchup and other condiments are added to food that the addiction to these substances begins.

The more a person likes the way a food tastes the more of it they will eat. Slowly but surely, the stomach stretches and grows and eventually the body needs more and more food in order to feel full. That does not mean the body needs the food, but the mind needs it to trigger the signal that we are full. That trigger can become slower and slower the more we overeat and the faster we eat. The mind takes 20 minutes on average to move the signal from the stomach to the brain that we are full.

Within those 20 minutes most meals are complete and the high levels of calories have already been consumed.

Hypnosis and Retraining the Mind For Weight Loss

Hypnosis can provide the link between the subconscious mind (the part that was trained to stop eating when full) and the conscious mind (the part that was trained to keep eating). Once the conscience is retrained to act as the subconscious, the overeating will seem less rewarding and the need for larger meals and more calorie laden foods will seem less overpowering. Hypnosis for slimming of the body can work immediately with solutions that are natural for the body. There are no pills to take, no surgery to recover from, just a set of sessions that will bring the mind back to its original focus, eating to live not living to eat.

Living life as an overweight person can be hard on self image and health. There are wealth of health problems that are associated with being overweight including, diabetes, high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attacks. There is no sense in trying this diet and that diet only to lose a little and gain some more. Retraining the mind to think about portion control and the need for life sustaining amounts of food is a simple task because that is what the body was born to do.

Loosing that weight with hypnosis is a real choice for those who want an effective treatment today.


About the Author (text)Terry Doherty works across the UK with clients using hypnotherapy, NLP and thought field therapy for powerful change. He works with clients to stop smoking, lose weight, increase confidence, manage stress, improve performance and other issues. He can be contacted at http://www.mind-works.co.uk

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