Live Life Acne Free with Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Zits and pimples, popular names for a skin condition that is more correctly known as acne, are a major source of anxiety and stress for teenagers. Recently, adults too are becoming more and more prone to acne attacks, probably because of increasing levels of stress in their daily lives. It is better to lead an acne free life in the first place than to look for an acne remedy after a breakout.

You can reduce the chance of suffering an acne attack by modifying your diet and lifestyle. Recent medical investigations have shown that certain types of food and some elements of your lifestyle can be partially identified as causes of acne. It is difficult to pin down exactly which foods cause or worsen acne breakouts, because the list varies widely from one person to another. However, there are some foods which are common to almost all lists, so it is wise to avoid them if you want to live life acne free.

These include chocolate and coffee (actually, caffeine which is the principal ingredient in coffee and the main cause of coffee addiction). Unfortunately, both of these are addictive in nature, and some people would rather suffer pimples or worse than do without them. Also included are carbonated drinks like coke or pepsi, certain milk products and all kinds of food containing lots of iodine (mainly seafood). Which other foodstuff is bad for you, you must find out for yourself through trial and error. Doctors are increasingly identifying stress and anxiety as prime causes of acne. Modern life is full of different types of stress, and as a result adults are looking to cure acne, which was once regarded as an adolescents' problem.

Practice meditation and yoga to relieve yourself of the extra tension. Herbal treatments can help you to sleep better and thus lower your stress level. Acne is frequently precipitated by excessive hormonal activity.

Being overweight can increase these activities through a complex physiological process. Shedding extra weight may be the elusive acne remedy you have been looking for, in addition to being good for your heart and general health. Unwashed skin and clogged pores are major causes of acne. Pay more attention to personal hygiene and take frequent showers and baths using soap, specially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Using a facial pore cleanser or any other acne product to open up your pores and let your skin breathe will help to reduce the chance of future attacks. Try to avoid sweets and fried foods, drink lots of water, and thrive on fruits and vegetables.

This is the best natural acne treatment you can get, and this will prevent breakouts in most cases so you don't have to take recourse to acne medicine at all.

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