My Poor Newborn Has Acne

Acne a chronic disorder characterized by excess production of oil from sebaceous glands causing of the hair follicles to become plugged. Pimples, papules, pustules and comedone, (black heads and white heads) cysts, infected abscesses, and sometimes scarring are the lesions to be treated in acne. Why Baby Acne? Simple.Hormones which are chemical messengers that are usually carried by the bloodstream. They exert their effects on specific target organs by attaching to receptor sites causing some type of reaction in the organ. To the dismay of their parents, many newborn babies often experience skin breakouts that are alarmingly similar to acne.

These bumps are in fact often referred to as 'baby acne.' But what are these unsightly bumps that usually manifest themselves as white bumps? Fortunately, baby acne is usually nothing to worry about. The condition is quite common and usually clears up on its own. But what causes baby acne? And when do you know when it's time to seek professional help? Baby acne can be traced to the many hormones that pass through the placenta right before the birth of an infant. Many babies are born with baby acne, but still others develop the condition days or weeks after birth. The occurrence of baby acne can basically be attributed to the hormones that are passed from mother to child.

When a child is in the womb, they are exposed to varying hormonal changes and fluctuations. When a baby receives a surge of these hormones, and the right conditions are in place, a baby will likely develop baby acne. What are the right conditions? The infants whose hair follicles are naturally well oiled are more vulnerable to experiencing baby acne. How do you know if your baby is suffering from baby acne? In general, baby acne manifests itself as small whiteheads that appear on the chin, forehead, and sometimes the child's back.

The whiteheads usually are accompanied by a reddening of the skin. The red, inflamed skin and whiteheads may become exacerbated or more pronounced when your child becomes fussy, irritated, hot, or when spit-up or saliva remains on the affected area. Sometimes, strong dyes or perfumes on the baby's clothing or blankets may also promote a breakout. How long can you expect baby acne to last? In general, most cases of baby acne will gradually recede without treatment.

Most of the time, baby acne will diminish after a few weeks. Reoccurrence is common after a few months. Many times, infants develop other skin irritations that are easily confused with baby acne. Other similar conditions include milia, eczema, or cradle cap. Milia are most commonly confused with baby acne.

Milia are tiny white bumps that appear on a child at birth, and which usually diminish quickly, usually two weeks after birth. Eczema and cradle cap usually manifest themselves as red, rash-like breakouts. These conditions cause the skin to appear more scaly rather than pimpled. What can you do if your baby gets baby acne? Usually, no aggressive treatment is necessary, as the condition tends to diminish on its own after a few weeks.

To soothe your baby, use very mild, gentle soap to cleanse your child's face once a day with lukewarm water. The use of lotions and oils are not recommended, as these may only aggravate the condition. Avoid excessive cleansing, scrubbing, or use of moisturizers. Baby acne is almost never caused by dirt or debris; so excessive cleansing will usually not help.

Also, strive to wash your baby's blankets and clothing in very mild detergent that is free of harsh perfumes or dyes. You may also want to avoid wearing strong or heavily scented lotions or perfumes around your baby. Keep your baby away from secondhand smoke and other environmental pollutants, as these may only further exacerbate their condition. Be patient, knowing that the condition will gradually diminish with time. Another possible cause of baby acne is that the child may be experiencing a reaction to a certain medication. Parents should work with their pediatricians to isolate any possible reactions to medication.

Usually, after use of the medication has been discontinued, a child's baby acne should quickly clear up. Fortunetaly, Baby Acne in most cases is nothing to worry about although it's quite heartwrenching to see our new baby will all these little bobos as my wife would say. Take heart with fact that the Acne doesn't bother the newborn in any way.

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