Penis Enlargement and Erectile Dysfunction Methods

Penis Enlargement and Erectile Dysfunction Methods If you are one of those people that hardly has time to sleep, let alone eat properly or exercise, you will need to find a solution to your penis enlargement exercise program so that you can make the most of the little time that you do have and get maximum results and cure your erectile dysfunction. One such way is to perform stretching exercises that can be done just about anywhere. The aim of stretching is different from jelqing as you will not need to use force to expand the Corpora Cavernosa which releases blood into the penis. Instead, these exercises for erectile dysfunction will stretch the ligaments of the penis which will help to improve the flaccid length of the muscle. Obviously you will be able to see better results faster if you do the stretching exercises as part of a full exercise routine along with warm up and cool down exercises, but if you do not have the time, as mentioned above you can still do this to see at least some results.

One thing that you will have to be careful of when doing any kind of penis enlargement exercise is to warm up properly, but if the stretching is done correctly and safely you can avoid causing your self injury. As you are working with just the ligaments and not the tissue of the penis you can do less strenuous exercises which can be done in the bathroom and need hardly any preliminary preparation. You must start off slowly and carefully, and if you begin to feel any pain simply stop and rub the sore spot. Do not continue until the pain has completely vanished. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the studies that they have performed with relation to condom manufacturing, is that the black population does have slightly longer and thicker penises on average than other races.

The Caucasian male has a medium sized penis, and Asian men have slightly shorter and narrower ones. For this reason WHO have specified condom sizes of 5.3 cm for African countries, 5.

2 cm for Europe, and 4.9 cm in Asia, which are small differences that will be hardly noticeable, not like the rumor's state. Even though there is evidence of differences between races, you can also find many variations within your own race and it only goes to say that no matter where you go or who you meet, there will always be someone with a larger or smaller penis than you and you will be one of these statistics to someone else no matter what your race. If your partner is happy with the way you were made, then why worry? If you do feel that a larger penis would help your relationship or boost your self esteem then you can find plenty of natural and safe exercise methods and effective devises that will help.

You will also find that certain stretching techniques and some pills may help, but remember that if you begin a penis enlargement program you must do it consistently and not give up. Just make sure that you are doing penis enlargement for the right reasons; for yourself, and not because you heard that someone else's penis was bigger. You can also contact professionals from SizeGenetics.com and they can assist you with the best Size Genetics program for you with exercises and traction devises so that you can be happy with the size of your penis.

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