The effortless steps of Attention Deficit Disorder With or Without Hyperactivity diagnosis part

Among the different investigations that are administered the psychologist came up with what was known to be the Kaufman factor. This factor was intended to reflect the adolescentâ??s freedom from distractibility. However, itâ??s use was not surprisingly, overrated. The modern day neurophysiologist and neuropsychologist look at the brain from a very different perspective. They love frontal lobe function analyses.

Just to remind you, frontal lobe is the CEO Chief Executive Officer that usually has the final say before an action is carried out. The neuropsychologists contend that the frontal lobe is often weakened in its response to stimuli in Adhd kids. At present, this is more an academic pursuit than a diagnostic method. It is tragic that neuropsychologist are not aware of many of the trigger factors of AD-HD. If they were, the connections would be immediately obvious. By the end of our discussions, you as a parent will have the upper hand.

So donâ??t worry, just read on and be happy! Other assessments include attention and persistence. These assessments are usually done to make the diagnosis and then quantify the response to medication. So although these analysis are not important as a diagnostic test, they will determine the amount of medication that goes into your child. Hardly appropriate if you ask me. I go back to my procrastination example.

If everyone was diagnosed with procrastination and there was a drug that compelled you to do things and its effectiveness was measured by a test of procrastinationâ?¦what do you think would happen? First of all, the treatment is just covering up the symptom, it hasnâ??t addressed the underlying issue and worst of all it most likely has side effects. One of the biggest problems with ADD medication is that they do work! No, I didnâ??t type that wrongly, they do, they â??dumbâ?? down the child so that they do not go hyperactive but do their grades improve much above where they should be? Beware of the Add medication trap, it might be a worthwhile short term solution, a Band-Aid if you like but nothing more. So you need to be aware of the attention and persistence test. Make sure you donâ??t get sucked into the Hyperactivity medication trap.

The attention test is called The Paired Associate Learning Test and the persistence analysis is called Continuous Performance Test. So form now on if anyone tells your about the tests and tries you convince or perhaps coerce you into medicating your child, simply smile and kindly refuse. If they persist, ask them to bet money that the treatment will cure your child and watch as their mouths fall to the ground. You always have a choice. Although sometimes the professionals make it seem like you donâ??t. Newer developments are on the way with equally fancy names like neurometrics, Brain Electrical Activity Mapping and other specialized brain wave investigations.

These new concepts are exciting but again are useful only as pointer. Let me recap a few things. After seeing many Hyperactivity children it is transparently clear that no two are exactly the same.

Despite this, the medical profession seems to believe that a drug would work for all AD-HD kids (another hole in logic but letâ??s not go there). The good news is that if you take very careful notice of what happens to your child and you are aware of the different factors involved that may trigger off an ADHD response then you will be in good standing to stop Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adhd) from taking over your life. The take away message is simple, use common sense. Sometimes too much science makes a simple job complex. That is what science is about, turning the obvious and simple into the complex and obscure.

For instance, if our task was to tell the difference between a wild wolf and a friendly German Shepherd, we could create a series of checklists, investigations and measurements. But at the end of the day, even without these measurements few of us would be confused if one ran in front of us. In real life, your experience with the child is worth far more than all the medical assessments combined.

Remember diagnosis is only the start, it is what happens after that which really matters!.

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