Think You Know Your Immune System

People, who catch cold, can recover quicker, and in some cases even prevent catching cold in the first place, as long as they help their bodies to improve its immunity. There are some well-known ways to improve your self-defense system and there are some surprising ways that are less obvious to us. For example, when you inhale a cold virus, it inflames your nasal passages. The inflammation process causes the body to release chemicals, which include histamine.

When you have a weak immune system, you are at a higher risk of catching a cold or a virus. Your immune system is responsible for helping you fight off infections; therefore, when your immune system is weak it cannot function properly. Sleep apnea can have severe effects on your health and has been linked to such problems as heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. Obstructive sleep apnea involves repeated pauses in breathing that occur when the muscles relax during sleep, causing soft tissue in the back of the throat to collapse and block the upper airway. Certain clinical trials have determined regular exercise can improve your immune system, the emphasis being on regular. Variations in a person's body temperature can affect your sleep patterns and prevent you from sleeping deeply.

Approaching stress management from a wellness lifestyle approach can give you "money in the bank" when it comes to preventing stress, it can give you the energy you need to handle stress when it happens. The following components are part of a wellness lifestyle approach. The authors suggested that restoring sleep is an important preventative measure and critical component of medical therapy. These findings are underlined by a number of studies, the latest reported in the previous volume of the Sleep Bulletin, demonstrating that adequate sleep is associated with a decreased mortality risk in the general population. They're not gaining anything, but are losing a huge amount of their health, you can see it in their social interactions, their ability to learn and think clearly. Sleep is one of the keys to a successful diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Other public health hazards, such as poor nutrition, smoking, excess alcohol and lack of exercise is the subject of endless research. On the contrary, little research has been done on the subject of sleep. - Stage 1 is light sleep. You've probably experienced this during boring classes in school. Your body is barely asleep, your eyes move slightly, and you're easily awakened, usually with a startled "jump.

" During this stage, you'll often have dream-like visuals. - Stage 2 is when the eye movements stop and your brain waves begin to slow down. - Stage 3 begins deep sleep, as very slow brain waves, called delta waves, take over the more rapid brain waves, called sleep spindles.

- Stage 4 is a deep state where all muscle movements stop. It's hard to be awakened during this state, and when you are, you're often in a groggy, disoriented condition. - Stage 5 is called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. In this stage, your breathing becomes shallow, your heart rate and blood pressure increase, your eyes jerk rapidly in all directions, and you have your wildest dreams. Sleep cycles really occur in a short period of time, about one-and-a-half to two hours. Less time is spent in deep sleep and more in stages 1,2, and REM.

Stage three and four, deep sleep, being the health sleep where the brain and heart slow to a resting phase and this stage takes up 50% of sleeping time. Dreaming takes place during stage five with waking off and on. Millions of people suffer with some form of insomnia, resulting in fatigue, lack of mental alertness, and weakened physical and mental health. This contributes to both major and minor accidents. Active people catch less colds and infection, but no proof exists that more exercise is better.

Therefore that makes us vulnerable to diseases from colds to cancer, flu to heart disease. Some studies found that taking vitamin C (about 600 milligrams/day) for three weeks before an ultra marathon reduced post race cold symptoms, yet others have found that vitamin C supplementation made no difference. Getting frequent colds can be a sign of over training or overtaxing your body. Cold and flu viruses are spread by airborne particles, so when you cough, sneeze into your sleeve or a tissue instead of your hands, if possible.

When this happens, you can expect to feel weak and run down. To be susceptible to colds and the flu and more likely to be affected by disease, when your immune system is not functioning well, germs can easily penetrate the body and wreak havoc on your organs. There are a number of ways to boost your immune system. Some of the important tips to boost your immune system are given here. Immune-boosting foods include organically grown fruits and vegetables, wholegrain, beans and other legumes, natural oils such as expelled-pressed olive oil, hemp oil, walnut oil, flax oil and coconut butter.

Brazil nuts, a rich source of selenium, are particularly good for the immune system. First, the immune system manufactures antibodies, which identify and fend off invaders. Also, your immune system has a built-in memory, it remembers how it defended your body against those past invaders, and it stands ready to do it again. Adequate restful sleep helps to restore our bodies and refresh our minds. During deep sleep, our bodies release potent immune-enhancing substances that strengthen immune function. Everyone needs to work at resetting your body clock naturally.

On average, college students today are going to bed 1-2 hours later and sleeping 1-1.6 hours less than they did a generation ago. As a result, sleep complaints and depression have increased dramatically among college students and doctors have discovered that sleeping for nine or more hours a night is not necessarily beneficial, either.

Through liquid vitamin nutrition our immune system will remain in tip top shape and Chuck Arnone will try to educate you on this!

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